Pub Crawl London

Glenn Martin

Still Thirsty After All These Years

However, one part of the name is accurate. To describe these pub crawls as great is not being immodest. What are described here are the very best, designed by a self-acknowledged master of the craft, and field tested by experts. You could take a tourist, or any visitor to London, on any of these and they would feel that they have had an interesting and worthwhile day out. But the aim of these excursions isn’t just the pub crawl itself, interesting and exciting as it may be. It is to provide a fascinating background for a great outing with people you know.

London has a huge number of fantastic, interesting and often historic pubs, far more than anywhere else in the world. This is a series of guides for people who want to see London, and who appreciate a great pub and a memorable night (or day) out.

The above title is a misnomer. Rather than the typical British pub crawl, which generally involves as much alcohol and as many pubs as possible, these are more civilised and sedate affairs. Perhaps the terms pub walks or tours may be more appropriate, visits to a handful of pubs, each being interesting in its own right. The idea is to introduce those who live or work in London, or visitors, to some of the great pubs of London and their locales.


The greatest pub crawls in London, the original and best, designed over twenty years. Now available as low cost PDF documents, superb guides containing much of interest, fantastic images, maps, directions and details to enable you to discover the best of London and its awesome pubs and sights.

Great Pub Crawls of London