Covering the historic centre of political and military power in Britain, this pub crawl includes many of London’s most fascinating locations and attractions, with several of its most famous historic sites, great architecture, a walk along the Thames with several points of interest, some great pubs, and a chance to see the political elite at play.

The Strand is one of the most famous main thoroughfares of central London, having its own site on the London Monopoly board, and has always been the principal route connecting what is now the centre of the British finance, the City of London, to the heart of political power at Westminster. There is much of historical interest here, as well as magnificent architecture, and some of London’s most distinctive pubs.

This pub crawl covers two adjacent areas on the western edge of the City of London, each with a long, varied, interesting and at times bloody history, as well as some of the best pubs and greatest real ale in the area.

The Borough is of immense historical interest, with several major attractions and some of London’s greatest pubs. It is the location Southwark Cathedral, the famous Borough Market, and the site of one of the most notorious debtors’ prisons, as well as the last remaining galleried coaching inn in London.

This pub crawl involves the most spectacular pubs in Holborn and Fleet Street, all with architecturally interesting and impressive interiors, in an area of great historical interest, the heart of the British legal system for centuries and once the location of almost all of the national press.


Encompassing much of what is now one of the world’s major financial districts, the historic City of London, this pub crawl includes several of very finest pubs as well as some of the most interesting and impressive architecture in this locale.

The greatest pub crawls in London, the original and best, designed over twenty years. Now available as low cost PDF documents, superb guides containing much of interest, fantastic images, maps, directions and details to enable you to discover the best of London and its awesome pubs and sights.

This is the greatest pub crawl in the world. It is a tourist’s dream pub crawl without being touristy, and includes many of the greatest views and most interesting locations in London, in addition to some of its finest pubs.

Located in two of London’s ancient maritime districts, all of the pubs on this crawl are old buildings with riverside terraces, and the ambience can be almost magical on a fine summer’s evening. There is a lot of history here, but the main theme could be described as pirates and pilgrims, with a few other lowlifes thrown in.

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